Emma takes a leap

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Emma who had a lovely, lucky life. She lived in a beautiful house in Berkhamsted. Everything was ‘normal’. She had a loving Mummy and Daddy who got on really well. She also had a smaller sister and a rabbit called Thumper. (I know, almost Disney perfect, right?!)

Emma & Thumper the rabbit in 1992
Emma & Thumper in 1992

The girl went to a lovely school and she had good girl friends who she played with at lunch time. Sometimes certain “boys” walked past on their way to the playing fields and the girls shouted to them through the hedge! As time went on the girls mingled more with the boys until one day Emma decided that it would be quite nice to have a boyfriend. After kissing a fair few princes and frogs she decided upon ‘Mr Sixth Form Boyfriend (Mr SFB)’.

Mr SFB was a truly lovely chap. They studied and hung out together and Emma was Mr SFB’s main groupie at the gigs where he played the drums. Unaware of the fact that not all men would be such splendid chaps, Emma was very accepting when they parted ways with Mr SFB off to Uni and herself on one of the first of her adventures to far off lands.

Emma makes the first of many leaps into the unknown.
Emma in Nepal making the first of many leaps!

On returning, Emma headed to Leeds University and, whilst gaining a degree, had a super time continuing to kiss princes and frogs. After university, Emma decided that more far off lands needed to be explored. When she returned, Emma discovered that quite a few of her friends now had boyfriends. As time went by, these boyfriends turned into husbands and then quite suddenly it seemed she was surrounded by babies.

During this time, Emma did have a few of her own love interests: Mr Bermuda, Mr Olympic-athlete-brother, Mr Foxtons and Mr B. Mr B and Emma were together for four years and it was assumed that they would follow in everyone else’s footsteps by getting married and having babies. However, that was not to be their story and, despite parting ways, have remained good friends. (Mr B will feature in future blogs).

One day, probably a little too soon after Mr B had left, Emma meet Mr Seemingly Perfect. At first, Mr SP seemed to be the ‘Wonderful Man’ although there were of course a few minor complications (by our early 30s, all of us have some ‘baggage’). However, all of these were discussed and, it was agreed, could be overcome by the enormous love they had for each other. Sadly, Emma discovered that one of Mr SP’s main problems was with telling the truth. In fact, Mr SP had lied about many important things including his occupation, many other details of his past but, more significantly, his marital status! When the truth eventually came out, Emma felt it was impossible to ever trust Mr SP again and the relationship came to an abrupt end.

And so, heartbroken, and more than a little battered and bruised, Emma took the first in a series of major steps that led her to where she is today. She looked into freezing her eggs.

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