Emma and Mia in bluebells May 2020

Mia, Myself and I

Why start now?

Today, Mia is 9 months, 8 days and 7 hours old. So why am I starting to write this now?

Until now I just simply have not had the time to process and think and write it all down. But one month and one day after temporarily moving back in with my parents, Mia’s grandparents, in ‘lock down’ things have started to shift. Finally, for the first time in years, I feel a sense of space and freedom and I have decided to take this opportunity to write.

So to ‘the dream’. I say THE dream – I mean the NEW dream. All the ‘stuff’ that has happened over the past 10 years was hardly what was in the original childhood dream of the way life would go. You know… Girl meets Boy, Boy loves Girl and asks Father for hand in marriage, Girl wears Big White Dress, Girl and Boy travel world together, they enjoy time together, and then ‘settle down’ and have a family. Boom! Life complete… Or so I thought. Then REAL LIFE happened…

My NEW dream is to learn from everything that happened, is happening and will continue to happen and embrace it, but also to help others by writing it all down and sharing my experience. So here we go… by me sharing my story via my blog, and from you reading it, the new dream includes us both learning along the way. Are you are in? Then let’s begin…

So, first things first – why ‘project leapfrog’?

As a marketing contractor my ‘expertise’ is to ‘get s**t done’ or what people more politely refer to as project management. In the retail and restaurant industries, where I have spent most of my career, in order to keep any ‘secret squirrel’ project under-wraps we like to give the project a code name.

All great stories need cocktails

My life changing ‘project’ was conceived one evening in London over a dinner out with Rebecca. Rebecca and I have worked together over the years for Costa Coffee, Pizza Express, Homebase and CAU and we share many of the same loves; travel, good food, cocktails and making a plan. On this particular evening we were discussing the plan for ‘Project Wonderful Man, or ‘Project WM’ and what next steps were needed. It was at that moment that I voiced the idea that perhaps ‘Project WM’ needed to be shelved for now and that a new strategy and direction were required.

‘I am thinking about having a baby by myself.’


After a lengthy discussion and many, many questions, Rebecca agreed that actually this was a great plan for me and stated that in order to make this happen I needed a project plan, timeline and of course a project name…

The definition of Leapfrog is to improve your position by going past other people quickly, or more importantly in this case, by missing out some stages.

Well this all sounded very fitting indeed!

‘Project WM’ had been going through a somewhat challenging phase. In fact, we had recently been referring to it as ‘Project KF’ (Kissing Frogs). The beauty of ‘Project Leapfrog’ would be that it gave me the opportunity to do just that and leap the frogs. Goodbye internet dating (for now) thank goodness! There is also the obvious resemblance between tadpoles and sperms, yet another symbolic sign!

So this was the start of the ‘project’. However as all good planners know this was not the start of the planning process… No, that had begun quite some time ago. I am not even sure I can pinpoint when I made the life changing decision that a ‘single parent family’ was something I could/should/would want to be… But here I am 9 months, 8 days and 7 hours into life as mother to Mia and I can honestly say there is nowhere I would rather be.

Emma & Mia – May 2020

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