1 year with Mia

Happy birthday Mia!

This week I have decided to interrupt the story and leap forward to the present as yesterday Mia turned 1!! 

From where we left things until now so much has happened. The story will continue after I take a couple of weeks off to have a blog writing holiday. 

So for this post what I would like to share is a very short message to say how incredibly grateful and happy I am to have had Mia in my life and to have been a mummy for a whole year.

The journey to get here has not at all been easy, but despite everything that we have both been through I would not change a day or night of it. Mia and I have become a super little team over the last year and I couldn’t be any prouder of us both. 

Two week wait

The ‘two-week wait’ – The 3 things I did to get through it…

Anyone who has gone through the two-week wait will tell you that these 336 hours are nothing short of excruciating. For those not familiar with the phrase, the #twoweekwait is the window between ovulation and your expected period. It’s the time when all the Am-I-pregnant anxiety, worry and frustration emerges! During this time, you can’t stop living your ‘normal’ life but at the same time you don’t want to risk a negative impact on what could be happening inside you. The other challenge, I found, is that I wanted to appear like there was nothing unusual happening in my life. Whilst in actual fact there was potentially something VERY unusual happening in my life! As usual, I decided the best way to cope whilst #ttc (trying to conceive) was to make a plan…

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Sperm swimming towards the egg

The First Try…

The month before I was due to undergo my first round of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) I began a new work contract which was perfect timing as the job allowed me to top up my income once more. As previously mentioned, I believe working as a marketing contractor has enabled me to be in more control of a decent work life balance, which is something that I continue to be grateful for. Up to now I’ve had the opportunity to ‘live life to the max’ and I can say with certainty that, as a result of this, I now feel ready to pause that life and try and create a new life…

And so, the next phase of this journey begins.

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